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Unity and Law and KRUMP

Marching in same step. Full power backwards. When Kafka meets KRUMP and August Heinrich Hoffmann, only rough chaos can arise. And that is exactly what the four artists from Germany, Spain and Hungary bring to stage. In a short performance, a grotesque cabinet emerges from a German sense of duty that meets international renitence. Associations with the moment Jimmy Hendrix deconstructed the American nation with his interpretation of the Star-Sprengled Banner in Woodstock are purely coincidental - but highly encouraged.

The short piece was awarded the audience price at Interventions Festival for Young Art and urband development 2014. 


By and with: Arias Fernandez, Aina Lanas, Anna Németh, Florian Hoffmeier

Dramaturgy: Sven Seeger

Photo: with kind permission Moritz von Rappard

Produced for: Interventions - Berlin, Festival for Young Art & Urban Development.

Thanks to: Be van Vark, Podewill, Berlin and his artistic direction - Moritz von Rappard.

Berlin, Germany, 2014

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