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Tensegrity Lab

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Tensegrity Performance Lab was an open experimental initiative to promote artistic research and education at the interface of performing arts, dance and social interaction. The idea of ​​tensegrity (fields of tension that form relationships), which was discovered and conceived by R. Buckminster Fuller, is abstracted from its original use in architecture into a social and performative context.


The initiative was founded by the artists Florian Hoffmeier, Be van Vark, Sven Seeger, Anna Katalin Nemeth & Julek Kreutzer and aimed to offer free workshops and projects for people of all origins from amateur to professional. The project ran from 2017 to 2019. Since then it has been continued under the name DanceLab by Anna Nemeth and Sven Seeger. There is a current cooperation with Marameo Berlin eV and S27 - Kunst & Bildung.


4 Modules Performance was the first public presentation in November 2017.

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