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Florian Hoffmeier & Vicky Angelidou

In a different place, in a different time, when love connects us with a different mind - then, and only then, could we really be happy. A forced duet. A paradoxical interaction. An unreal connection. The digital age creates new worlds in us, inner and outer, which significantly influence our reality of life.


From everyday working life to intimate relationships, digital devices have become indispensable. They accompany us to the toilet, in the kitchen and in bed. They replace our social contacts and at the same time offer the chance to call up the world's knowledge at any time. Seduction and madness. Do we hold a pill against loneliness in our hand? Maybe. At least that is what the world wants us to believe. And so in XAPINESS two characters meet in a world of distraction, where they can't let go of what is most important to them par tout.


A short dance piece for two by and with: Florian Hoffmeier & Vicky Angelidou

Costumes: Vicky Angelidou

Photography: Ernesto Koukos

Video: Florian Hoffmeier

Production: Studio 29A Thessaloniki

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