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Yesterday, 1943

by Florian Hoffmeier

What happened yesterday could have happened years ago. What happened back then is not longer ago than yesterday. Based on fictional moments and real events, Yesterday, 1943 is a surreal physical play that shows the absurdities of war and the traumas associated with it, which sometimes shake us over generations. It is - nonetheless - a search for beauty and hope in the depth of our memories and the moment we step out of ourselves brought onto the small stage.


A piece by and with: Florian Hoffmeier

Dramatic advice: Camille Chapon

Photography: Arata Mori

Video: Arata Mori / Florian Hoffmeier (Video sound: excerpt from Ben Frost - We love you Michael Gyra)

Supported by: Garage Performing Arts Center, Corfu & Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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