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“Based on elements of the dance theater pieces Nordestino, Quilombo, & Batuques Pra Corpos Que Dancam, the Brazilian choreographer and dancer Val Queiroz, and the head of the cultural center Àgua de Beber Robério Queiroz staged a new version, a mixture of Afro-Brazilian rhythms and dances, Capoeira, Maculele and percussion. Together with the performers of the CECAB collective and the drummers around the group of Meste Balu, who adapt the rhythms from the candomblé, 12 artists dance with their hands, feet, machetes and sticks and design a mixture of rehearsed choreography and stirring improvisation. ”(Translated from magazine : Festival Tribos Berimbaus y Tambores 2013).


Concept & direction: Roberio Queiroz / Val Queiroz

Cast: CECAB collective

Photography / Video: Germano Rolim

Production / Financing: Government of the State of Ceará, CECAB, Centro Cultural Dragao do mar

Fortaleza, Brazil, 2013

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