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Dr. Florian Hoffmeier

For over ten years working in own projects and project participations in the fields of medicine (mental health), culture & art. 

Parallel to human medical studies, realization and directing of several works in the field of performing arts as well as experimental art and cultural projects. Involvement in various publicly funded socio-cultural initiatives and projects in Germany and abroad. 

Author of the book „Consensus - Philosophical foundations for empathetic relations“ (in publication)

From 2015-2018, doctorate at the department of occupational, social and environmental medicine at the Goethe University Frankfurt, since 2014 work as a medical doctor. After a stint in clinical research and internal medicine, mostly in psychiatry, psychosomatics, child & adolescent psychiatry since 2018. Several further trainings in communication & counselling, family and body therapy.

Also, long year training in martial arts and dance improvisation.  

Grants and Awards: Honorary Citizenship of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma (2003), Audience Award Podewil- Interventions Festival for Young Art (2014). Grant from the German Federal Ministry of Youth (2009-2010), as well as scholarships from the DAAD (2010), the international students' registry Rostock (2013) and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe (2020).

Several awards for the short film AFUERA, including Best Experimental Short Film at the Berlin Short Film Festival 2023. 


Languages - German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, basic Greek​

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Artistic & Creative Collaborations / Funding


Agua de Beber Brasilien / Fortaleza

Academic Affairs Office Rostock 


Centre for Arts & Science Montevideo, Uruguay

Coop Campus Berlin


Die Etage - School for performing arts

Ex-Theatre Ljubljana

Garage Performing Arts Centre, Korfu

Gandhiserve-Foundation Berlin / Indien

Global Water Dances / Laban Bartenientreff New York

Joanne Leighton (Paris)

Katapult Berlin

Kultour / Südwestpassagen Berlin

Lobe Block Berlin Cultural & Art Centre

Sculplobe e.V. 

Mori Films uG

NUSZ Berlin

Podewill Berlin

Polyrama Museum Berlin

Praxis Günther Wiedemann

Berlin Senate - Department for Culture and Europe 

S27- Art & Education

Schauspielhaus Hamburg (Regiehospitanz)

Shoonya Space Bangalore / Indien

Studio 29A Thessaloniki Greece

Dancers without Borders e.V.

Terra Brasilis

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Ufa Fabrik Berlin

UferStudios Berlin / HZT

Vladimir Miller - Komposition und Musik

Verband für Sozial-Kulturelle Arbeit VskA Berlin


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