Dr. Florian Hoffmeier

Cultural Activist, Medical Doctor, Artist, Therapist

Born into an artistic environment, Florian has been working in cultural and artistic projects since his early childhood.  He created several own artistic and academic works using different media formats (dance theater, performance art, video, visual arts, writing, photography). Additionally he studied Medicine, where he holds a doctorate with distinction on exercise physiology in professional sports and has several years of work experience as a MD in research and clinical medicine.  In the past 5 years he has been working mostly in the fields of psychiatry and pediatric psychiatry. He has several further educations in therapy, consulting, communication and bodyworks. He received several public grants, scolarships and awards in the context of cultural and artistic activities.

"Communication is the greatest mystery  the greatest fascination in the universe. Without interaction, without communication who would we be? The questions about the core of interpersonal relationships and what defines our everyday interaction and our relationships, what makes our society and culture what it is, what determines being human and our communication as such, have been on my mind since I was a child. They can be found as a red thread behind all my activities, which take place somewhere between mind, body, art and culture, between health, communication, therapy, creativity and psychology. "  

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Detailed Vita

Artistic and cultural training

20 years of training in dance, martial arts, theater, singing,  communication, meditation, yoga, philosophy, therapy & counseling. Master classes and seminars with Peter Jasko,  David Zambrano, Rahul Bahrti, Melina Seldes, Edivaldo Ernesto, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Matthieu Ricard, Joan Halifax, Dr. Wiedemann, M. Lua Rasta, Prof. Ricardo Nascimento, Alexandros Anasthasidis, Nir de Volff, Pablo Casacuberta and others. As a young boy singer with the Knabenchor Berlin in classical concerts. Performances in the German Opera and Philharmony Berlin and concerts with well-known conductors such as Sir Georg Sholti or Seiji Ozawa.

Academic education & professional activities

Medical studies in Germany, Portugal & Brazil, work experience in industry and university research including a doctorate (Dr.) at the Goethe University in Frankfurt in the field of occupational, social and environmental medicine (Graduation with distinction). 


Clinical work as a doctor in the field of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Internal Medicine (e.g. IKR University Clinic /Brandenburg Medical School). 


Several years of freelance consultancy and trainer work for RENAC - Renewables Academy (2012-2014) and the CECAB group, board member of theGandhiServe Foundation 2018-2021 and of the Friends of CECAB Germany  e.V. (2009-2013),  Ongoing collaborations with GEN - Center for Art and Science Montevideo since 2019, Kulturlabor e.V., Dancers without borders e.V.. Member of the European Association for Medicine and Culture since 2021.


Trainer for workshops in places like B12-Festival Berlin , Shoonya Space Bangalore , Die Etage , Cultural Centre Dragao do Mar Fortalzea, Work.stage.DFT St. Petersburg, Katapult Berlin , BME Sportzköpont Budapest


Own artistic and cultural works since 2006. First Solo Exhibition at Suedwestpassage Kultour Berlin 2021, Honorary citizenship of the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma (2003). Audience Award at Interventions-Berlin Festival (2014). Scholarships from the DAAD (2013), the Rostock International Office (2010) and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe (2020). 

Languages: German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, basic Greek