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Dr. Florian Hoffmeier

I have been working as a medical doctor and artist for more than ten years in own projects and project participations in the fields of medicine, culture & art. 

Parallel to my medical studies, I have realized and directed several works in the field of perfoming arts as well as experimental art and cultural projects. I have been involved in various publicly funded socio-cultural initiatives and projects in Germany and abroad. 

From 2015-2018, I completed my doctorate at the department of occupational, social and environmental medicine at the Goethe University Frankfurt, and have been working clinically as a doctor since 2014. After a stint in clinical research and internal medicine, I worked mostly in psychiatry, psychosomatics, child & adolescent psychiatry since 2018 and have completed several further trainings in communication & counselling, family and body therapy.   


Grants and Awards: Honorary Citizenship of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma (2003), Audience Award Podewill - Interventions Festival for Young Art (2014). Grant from the German Federal Ministry of Youth (2009-2010), as well as scholarships from the DAAD (2010), the international students' registry Rostock (2013) and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe (2020).

Several awards for the short film AFUERA, including Best Experimental Short Film at the Berlin Short Film Festival 2023. 


Languages - German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, basic Greek​

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The questions about what constitutes our interpersonal relationships and our social interactions, what is the driving mechanisms and patterns in our communication and a successful life, have been driving me since my childhood. They are the common thread behind all my activities, which take place somewhere between body, psyche, art and culture, between health, communication, therapy & creativity.

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