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Physical Performing & Improvisation

I teach open workshops on dance festivals and in selected institutions in the field of performing arts and beyond.


These classes are a combination of different capoeira styles, dance and theatre improvisation, martial arts, physical theater, partnering, scenic group work and contemplative body work. Traditional elements are adapted for a contemporary context.


The workshop is open to everybody with a passion and interest for movement or dance. Instead of a certain technical level or previous education, it requires concentration, vigilance, interest and enthusiasm for the collective experience.

Bookings are possible through the contact form. 


B12-Festival, Berlin
Shoonya Space, Bangalore
DIE ETAGE - Schule für die Darstellenden Künste, Berlin
Work.Stage.DFT, Sankt Petersburg
Katapult Performing Arts Centre, Berlin
Ex-Theater, Lubljana
Centre Pole Jeunesse Deschepper, Lille/ Roubaix
Monastiraki_Dojo, Athen
X-Saltibagos - Studio for Performing Arts, Patras
BME-Sportközpont, Budapest
Aikido-Dojo Berlin

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