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Body Democracy

K1600_body democracy andreas prost 12.JP

Experimental performance project on the topic: The body in democracy - democracy in the body.


What is democracy? An illusion? A desire? From its first emergence, democracy has been one thing above all: embodied self-image. After all, essential elements of modern democracy such as freedom, equality or opportunities for participation are impossible without body protection. Democracy emerged and also arises from the outrage against physical humiliation which has repeatedly upset people and has thus contributed significantly to the construction of human rights - an essential part of the democratic promise of equality.


One of the most important questions for the development of democracy and democratic understanding is the question to what extent democratic practices and norms are related to changes in the body's regime? From a current perspective, the question arises as to whether “the problem of inhuman body regimes is more important for democracy than the much-discussed problem of social inequality.”

(Text adapted from: Hedwig Richter, Hamburg Institute for Social Research) 


Direction & Choreography: Anna Nemeth, Florian Hoffmeier, Julek Kreutzer 

Performance: Participants of the S27 Performance Lab 

Sound & Light: Sven Seeger

Funding: Coop Campus & S27, Projektfund Cultural Education Berlin

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