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Europe for Sale

Europe for Sale 5.JPG

In a borderline work between political activism, fashion show and theater performance, Robert Schulz & Florian Hoffmeier sell some of the most represented European values.


Europe has always been a marketplace for opportunistic disagreements. And so this time not only values ​​are sold. Europe is actually for sale here itself.

Greek goddess Europa, once brought to Crete by the sea from Zeus, sinks into its own rejection. So it is high time to look at this Europe again and start from scratch. The current Europe has had its day and will be crowned with a wreath of thorns. It's high time to sell out - and the price is falling! 

A piece staged beyond populism but with a large pinch of sarcasm and always a progressive view of a new old Europe that can do without barbed wire.


Concept: Florian Hoffmeier

By and with: Florian Hoffmeier & Robert Schulz

Production / funding: S27 - Art & Education

Thanks: Be van Vark

Berlin, Germany, 2017

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