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What makes our life worth living?

It is the human interactions, relations and relationships which determine our life quality and our happiness in life. But how can we have "happy" relations and relationships? What are these about? The question of connectedness accompanies us in all interpersonal interactions. A sense of connectedness is possible when we act together - instead of against each other. But for this, we also need a personal and social understanding of relations that is aimed towards togetherness. Consensus orientation as a philosophy and inner attitude is one possible answer.

What we experience as pleasant arises within our relations based on the question if we interact consensus oriented and whether we are able to make and settle mutual agreements or not.   

In this book, we explain consensus as a worldview and as a way to live more happy and connected relationships. To do this, provokingly, we break with common philosophical paradigms, first and foremost the ideas of truth, individual freedom and responsibility as these are highly problematic for relationships. Moreover we are convinced that the ability and willingness to agree emotionally and intellectually is not least a physical one. From this we derive a philosophical model of subjectively shaped morality and ethics. Based on psychological and psychotherapeutic insights and experiences, we discuss a philosophical concept with which we can shape social interactions and relationships at eye level, self-empowered, with a prosocial orientation, while maintaining individuality and personal happiness.

Book in editing process. Approx. 240 pages. 

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