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DALL·E 2022-10-17 16.18.08 - dystopic cardboard men waiting in front of an airplane .png

AI perspectives on migration (work in progress)

In this project a conversation with an artificial intelligence led to the creation of a series of images depicting the AI view on migration journeys. The question how artificial intelligence and the bureaucratic process adjunct to migration might in future times dehumanize persons is shown in abstracted form by reducing humans to paperwork figures of different kind. In the second part the abstract and dehumanized collages are opposed to a series of pictures and portraits of real life persons who have migrated due to external circumstances. Thus they are opposing the unpersonalized paper figures with real identities. The question how does AI view migrational situations and the question how much AI will dehumanize migration processes, what does successfull migration mean and how it will be influenced by artificial intelligence arises naturally. The project does not give a definite answer to that topic but rather intends to initiate dialogues and reflections.

papercouple road truck.jpg
DALL·E 2022-10-17 17.29.22 - dystopic abstract collage of dark grey 3d papermen sitting ar
humans luggage waiting_edited.jpg
grey figures in front of houses 2.jpg
Image by Prince Akachi
Image by Nathan McBride
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