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Recursive / I am a strange loop

In a self-referential loop, an endless volume that constantly reflects on his own existence, René Magritte's idea of ​​attraction through absence and his famous painting The Son of Men comes to life. Based on the short theater piece Recursive / This is not art from 2017, the figure takes us on a journey through a world of impossible spirals and circles into an intricate miss-en-abyme of time, visual language, sound and movement. On his way he crosses ideas from scientists such as Douglas Hofstaedter, Francisco Varela or Gregory Bateson. A minimalist, philosophical essay, a subtle immersion in paradoxes and absurdities, an invitation to pause, listen and rethink. 

Full Dossier PDF


Direction & Cast: Florian Hoffmeier

Set design & sound design: Florian Hoffmeier / Camille Chapon

Light: Marco Uhlig

Dramatic advice: Daphne Pantazopoulou & Camille Chapon

Photography: Andreas Prost

Video: Keren Chernizon

Supported by: Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte / Carte Blanche Festival HZT / Jofe


Berlin 2018

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