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Romeo & Julietta

A young physical play that transfers Shakespeare's classics to the poor areas of the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. A group of children and teenagers aged 8 to 18 from the Água de Beber dance and capoeira school play their own versions of the most famous impossible love story in the world.


They tell, dance and sing about family ties, power, betrayal and intrigue. Under tragicomic circumstances, a dog dies and it is necessary to find out who the 'witch' is, how she could get lost in Shakespeare's classic and what her motives are.


Realized in the Edson Queiroz Theather from November 2006 to January 2007.


Directed by Florian Hoffmeier & Elena Scherer

Adapted script: Florian Hoffmeier

Dramaturgy & translation: Bianca Müller

Performers: Children and adolescents of the Àgua de Beber project

Stage & costumes: CECAB collective

Production: Edson Queiroz Theater / Centro Cultural Àgua de Beber

Thanks to: Robério Queroz, Ana Beatriz Graca Duarte, Maxuel Freitas Ferreira


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