Since we spoke

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Since we spoke / We made a promise / Since we spoke / We were silent / Since we spoke / I would be / Since we spoke / We did not speak / Since we spoke/ Could we be / Since we spoke / We were / Since we spoke

'Since we spoke' is an abstraction of the story of a woman who teaches people to speak. Words become danced images, without any spoken text, and form the labyrinth of their lives - and perhaps all of our lives - as pictorial growth and decay, as partly touching and heartwarming, partly absurd tragicomical journey of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Dance and Performance: Lotta Sandborgh

Music & Arrangements: Vladimir Miller

As a Guest: Klara P.

Concept & Direction: Florian Hoffmeier  


The piece was created as a work for Polyrama - Museum for Life Stories, in collaboration with Kulturlabor eV, funded by the City of Berlin - Neustart Kultur & Fonds Soziokultur.  

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Lotta Sandborgh works as a freelance dancer and choreographer in various projects and ensembles.

Vladimir Miller plays classical compositions in the Avlos trio d'anches, is active in various jazz ensembles and composes music for film and television. 

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