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Tapuia - this is the Indian name for the Fortaleza and Cearás natives in northeastern Brazil. In this short theater piece, six young dancers from the same city embark on a journey into the past. The search for indigenous roots leads through their own history and that of their families. Dance and movement become the path that is followed naturally and inevitably signifies the identification of the young dancers. Accompanied by the drums of the German Group 'Tebras' and their own compositions, six individual stories become a collage of moving images and rhythms.


Concept & Production: Florian Hoffmeier / Mani Spaniol
Choreography: Veiga Lopez Lima, Felipe Da Silva
Performers / dancers: Veiga Lopes Lima,
Felipe Da Silva, Seanne Da Silva, Ramiro Freire, Jandersson Silva, Rogerio Filho
Photography: Felix Rachor

Funded by the Cultural Promotion of the State of Ceará, Brazil,
Centro Cultural Dragao do mar Federal Youth Ministry (BMFSFJ),
Association for social-cultural work VskA eV, TerraBrasilis, cultural center Ufa-Fabrik, Festival Tribos Berimbau e Tambores

Berlin 2009 / Fortaleza 2010

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