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Urban Waters is a performance project within the Global Water Dances. 

Duration: 5.-10. June 2023 in Berlin at Lobe Block. 

Info: On June 10thinLobe. Block an experimental dance & theatre performance on the subject of Urban Waters, will be happening, which examines the cultural and urban role of water beyond it being a basic need but rather a cultural asset interacting with the surrounding humans.  

Research workshop:  18. and March 19, 2023

Direction:Florian Hoffmeier

Choreography:Alexandros Greco Anastasiadis


We are looking for 4-10 participants for this project, beginners are just as welcome as experienced dancers, actors or professional performers aged 16 and over.

If you would like to participate in an art project in the context of the environment, embedded in a global dance and performance event on the topic of water, send us a message and register for the workshop and the project! You don't have to be able to dance - you just have to be enthusiastic about art and culture.

After the performance, there will also be a lecture and a panel discussion on the subject of urban water with civil society actors from the city of Berlin.

Send us a message (Info) if you are interested, or register directly at the end of the page. 


Thank You, Vielen Dank!

GWD Urban Waters Flyer Workshop Final.jpg

Video Preview (by Alexandros Greco Anastasiadis)


Registration Form

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