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IBB - International Meeting

Berlin - Brazil

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IBB was a 2-year exchange program for arts and cultural education. The program was initiated by Florian Hoffmeier & Elena Scherer and brought together two groups of young adults from the TerraBrasilis artist group in Berlin and the Água de Beber group in Fortaleza (Brazil).


The program included various workshops on the subjects of the environment, culture, dance, language and movement. Several performances, photo shoots and presentations of artistic works were performed in Berlin at the Ufa-Fabrik cultural center and in Fortaleza (Brazil) at the Tribos, Berimbaus e Tambores 2010 festival.


The result of  music workshops led to the production of CD with Afro-Brazilian rhythms and music.


Idea, organization & management: Florian Hoffmeier & Elena Scherer

Artistic direction: Mani Spaniol, Florian Hoffmeier, Roberio Queiroz

Compositions: Sara Ulrich, Mani Spaniol, Ramiro Freire

Choreographies: Veiga Lopes Lima, Felipe Nascimento

Photos: Dr. Herbert Scherer / Felix Rachor - Photography


Funded by: Federal Youth Ministry (BMFSFJ), Association for Social-Cultural Work VskA eV, TerraBrasilis, Cultural Center Ufa-Fabrik, Festival Tribos Berimbau e Tambores


Special thanks to: Dr. Herbert Scherer, Sarah Ulrich, Robério Queiroz, Dr. Andreas Böttcher, Christine Hoffmeier

Berlin / Fortaleza, 2009 - 2010

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