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Deconstruction of idiots

"In their novels and short stories, the writers for the most part try to find characters from society who are difficult to say that these people are suddenly and completely before our eyes in their characteristic appearance, who are usually referred to as the" usual "ones. , referred to as "mass", and which actually form the vast majority in every society, to pick out and present them so vividly and artistically as they are rarely found in reality. Characters that are nevertheless almost more real than reality itself. If you wanted to fill a novel with only sharply pronounced characters or even only with strange, unprecedented personalities in order to arouse interest, then you would violate probability and perhaps even do so become uninteresting. If, for example, the real essence of certain everyday people consists in their constant, unchangeable everyday life or (what is even better) if, despite all their extraordinary efforts to get out of the track of the ordinary and conventional at all costs, they ultimately remain unchanged everyday people for life stay, then such people even acquire a certain peculiarly distinctive character: that of an everyday occurrence that does not want to remain what it is at any price [...]. "

FI Dostoevsky - The Idiot. Chapter XXXIX.

Concept & dance: Be van Vark, Sven Seeger, Anna Katalin Németh, Florian Hoffmeier, Julek Kreutzer, James Hudson & participants

Stage & Location: Sven Seeger & S27 - Art and Education

'Chef': Anna Katalin Németh

Video: Florian Hoffmeier

Production: S27-Art & Education, COOP-Campus Berlin

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