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Hobermans Traum

by Florian Hoffmeier

When people become sculptures and encounter system-theoretical thinking, structures begin to form which - like the images that we encounter in feverish dreams - continuously expand and collapse. People in a social system find themselves in a continuum of interaction in which they constantly move.


They breathe, laugh, speak and remain silent. Together and, as it were, alone, guided by the words of the great sociologist and systems theorist Niklas Luhmann, they look for the answer to the big question of what holds people and society together at their core.



Concept, direction, choreography: Florian Hoffmeier

Cast / dance: Eleonora Reyes, Alice Nardi, Florian Hoffmeier, Marcel Proske, Tung Tung Chin, Samantha Hinz, Laith Al O'Gail, Sophia Johanna, Mahari Tewelde, Tanja Höppner

Set & light design: Florian Hoffmeier

Sound and lighting technology: Julek Kreutzer

Photography: Andreas Prost / Aris Kallidromitis

Video: Hendrik K. Kaar / Florian Hoffmeier (adaptation)

Production: S27 - Art & Education

Funded by: Project Fund for Cultural Education Berlin

Thanks to: Be van Vark, Sven Seeger, Anna Németh

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