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Entre || In between 

The sum of my parts

by Florian Hoffmeier & Mariana Torres Herrera

Entre || In between the sum of my parts is a dance performance that examines our state of constant non-existence.


Three dancers question the relationships of our self to our body and the surrounding space. The fundamental question of how our body behaves in a room that - even if it was created by humans - is strongly inorganic in nature, characterized by straight lines, structures and edges, opens up an insight into the sharp contrast that exists with the organic matter of the human body.


This contrast, which is reflected from the inside to the outside, becomes the starting point for an aesthetic research that also touches on the question of life and death and what we find in between. Images of the “Visible Human Project” supplement dance and movement with an understanding of the dying body and physical experience, the intermediate state in the space between life and death. What holds us together in a world that is determined by chaos and chance is the metaphorical experience of the interspace, it allows us to look at death and thus life, and offers us the chance to live against spiritual decline.

Entre is a collage of virtual and physical figures in space and their internal and external representation and interaction, which includes improvised and choreographed dance, language and sound.


Direction, choreography: Florian Hoffmeier & Mariana Torres Herrera

Actors: Lilen Halty, Manu Casanova, Anahí Mendy

Sound, set & visual design: Florian Hoffmeier

Costumes: Marian Torres Herrera

Photography: Santiago Bouzas

Video: camera Clara Esmoris, editing: Florian Hoffmeier

Production: GEN Centro de Artes y Sciencias

Thanks to: Pablo Casacuberta, Andrea Arroba, Sebastian Mendy


Montevideo, Uruguay 2019

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