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Who has never felt them? Whoever is without sin throw the first stone. A woman enters the stage and brings them to life. In SALIGIA we meet our darkest sides. We look into the mirror and encounter the feelings of Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Ira, Gula, Invidia and Acedia in a scenic production that is both somber and laconic.


Concept & direction: Florian Hoffmeier

Actors: Samatha Franchini, Naia Binghi, Marie Ladroguéne, Claire Claire

Sound and stage: Florian Hoffmeier

Light: Sven Seeger

Photography: Edouard L. Khouri-Haddad

Production: S27 Art & Education / COOP Campus Berlin

Artistic supervision: Be van Vark & ​​Sven Seeger


Funding: Project Fund for Cultural Education Berlin

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